Social Development Projects

Computer Center

A Computer Training Center is being run at Joseph Colony, with 20 students. These students are provided basic concept of computer. We also look forward to establish such kind of centre in other cities as well.


Prison Project

Prison work is being carried out in two of our local jails (District & Center Jail) since 2005. Beside regular weekly Bible Studies and other welfare work, we have built one Christian Library and Worship Hall in District Jail in 2009 and Christian Barack for Christian prisoner in 2011.

Please keep this project in your prayers as we are facing difficulties to continue it because of the lack of funding.


Education & Skill Project

A Skill & Education Project was launched in 2009-2010, for 30 ladies and 30 Pre-School children.

Ladies were given skill in sewing and embroidery work along with Adult Literacy Classes. 30 Sewing Machines were distributed among these ladies.

Beside, it 30 pre-school children were provided care and assistance in starting their initial stage of studies by having been provided books and stationery. PBCI supported this project for one year and after that it was adopted by local community for further stability of the Project.

Again, presently we are running Sewing and Literacy center for 25 ladies in Joseph Colony, Lahore.


Bonded Laborers Ministry

There are over 100 Brick kilns around the Faisalabad City. More than 1000 people work at these brick kilns as bonded laborers. PBCI Staff often visits these Brick kiln workers and their families for their encouragement and guidance through the word of God and some practical support.


Come Join Us!

To let the people experience the love of God practically by having been met their needs in different areas of their lives. Please click Donate to the detail of the cost on each project in this connection.