Ministry Structure

PBCS operates through its five regional centers; Karachi and Hyderabad, in Sindh the Southern Province, Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw the Northern Province; Rawalpindi in Northern Punjab, and Faisalabad Center serves the Central and Southern Punjab. All these centers are coordinated by the PBCS National Office based in Faisalabad.


The Role of PBCS National Office

The responsibilities of The National office are,

  • To represent PBCS Ministry at national and international forums.
  • To coordinate the regional centers and make sure that policies made by National Board are implemented by centers.
  • To prepare PBCS Courses & Literature to be provided to students through regional centers.
  • To develop and update the courses and other PBCS literature. 
  • To supervise the activities of Central Follow-Up Department that includes conducting camps, rallies and production Follow Up Magazine.
  • To launch other holistic projects from time to time as and where the need occurs. 

The Role of Regional Centers

The responsibilities of Regional Centers are,

  • To implement all the policies of the Institute set by National Office.
  • To promote PBCS work in their respective jurisdiction
  • To raise and hold students to study all the PBCS courses and described literature.
  • To maintain the progress record of the students.
  • To conduct follow up activities to help students to be benefited at maximum level from the courses and literature.
  • To maintain healthy relations with Church in every city of their jurisdiction.