Follow Up Work

PBCS is very much concerned about the follow up work. Each of the centers has its own Follow Up Department with qualified staff. These regional Follow Up Departments are also centrally coordinated by Central Follow Up Department “Correspondence Club” based in National Office, Faisalabad. Follow Up work is being carried out by following modes.

Letter Writing and Phone Calls/SMS

Our staff remains in contact with our students through letter writing and phone calls/SMS. Each of our centers receives 10-15 letters and 15-20 phone calls/SMS daily from our students which are responded attentively.  Beside it we also have a reminder system in our student database software that helps us to keep all the students in active status.

Monthly Magazine

We produce a monthly Magazine “Piyam-e-Aman-o-Mohabbat, The Message of Love & Peace” in Urdu Language, consisting on 40-50 pages. The purpose of this magazine is to remain in contact with our former and current students. Most of the writings of the magazine are based on the questions asked by our students. Further this magazine is also used to as a tool to attract new people to join our programs. All the previous Issues of the Magazine are available on line.

Fellowship Meetings

Each of our regional PBCS centers arranges Students Fellowship Meetings on monthly basis in different cities. The purpose of these fellowship meetings is to build personal relationship with our students for the sake of their development in studies matters.


Festival Celebration Get-Together

Our Regional Centers as well as National Office often facilitate the celebration of others’ faith religious and social festivals. In these programs Muslim and Christian get-together to celebrate each other’s festival. Such programs promote love, peace and integrity among our students with different faiths.

Students Camps

Students are also invited to join us for 5-7 days Camp which is conducted twice a year at some pleasant and picnic point. Besides the teaching on certain topic students are also helped to find answers to their questions, in these camps. Thus, these camps have happened very blissful for both us and our students as these camps help everyone to broaden their perspective of understanding.