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Cost Per Student

PBCS has to bear US$ 100 to let one person complete our full syllabus. Further, for follow up purpose we have to bear US$100 for one person for one year. Bank Account Details

Bible Course Printing

Average printing cost for each complete course is US$ 5. We have 25 courses. We need to print 3000-5000 copies for each course annually.


New Testament & Holy Bible

Each Student is awarded with New Testament and Holy Bible on completion of three and nine courses respectively. Beside it seekers and visitors are also presented New Testament copies as gift. Our annual need is as following,

Description Cost per copy
5,000 copies of Urdu New Testament   US$ 3
1,000 copies English New Testament     US$ 5
1,000 copies of Urdu Holy Bible US$ 7
500 copies of English Holy Bible   US$ 5



Monthly Follow Up Magazine

We produce monthly Follow-Up Magazine "Correspondence Club Bulletin" We have to print 2000 copies every month. Including postage each issue costs us US$200/


Student Fellowship Meetings

Each of our centers conducts more than 25 Students Fellowship Meetings annually. Thus we conduct 125 meetings altogether. Each meeting cost us US$50.

Students Annual Camps

We conduct 5-7 days Students Camps twice a year at some pleasant place.  Each local Camp cost us approximately US$1500-2000.

Church Enrichment Seminar

To help Church leaders, pastors, and Sunday School Teachers to be equipped and 2updated with ministry techniques and theological issues, we conduct one day “Church Enrichment Seminar” on quarterly base. Presently we are doing it in Faisalabad but we also want to extend it to other cities as well.  Each seminar cost us approximately US$ 300-500.

Supplement Literature

On completion of each course we also send one prize book as a supplement study aid. Average cost of each book is One USA Dollar. Presently we have more than 3000 students; each of students needs to be sent 20 books.